AM – MOTY – Hairul Azreen 2

Hairul Azreen


With a Taekwondo black belt, Hairul Azreen has made the transition from athlete to action star faultlessly. A true multi-hyphenate, the actor has worn many hats ranging from national athlete and martial artist to stuntman. Best known for starring in Malaysian blockbusters Paskal: The Movie and Polis EVO 2 in 2018, the actor has also expanded his repertoire with the romance flick, Pasal Kau in 2020. Not one to rest on his laurels, Hairul also made his directorial debut in Ada Hantu last year, solidifying his status as one of Malaysia’s most talented stars.

Did you always want to be an actor? 

To be honest, never in my wildest dreams. Growing up my focus was always on sports and athletics with Taekwondo first catching my eyes from a very early age. I started at eight years old and took to it like a fish to water! I loved the action and training that I went through practising Taekwondo. This instilled my spirit of never giving up and improved my confidence for the long run.

So when did you get bitten by the acting bug?

I think I must have seen a couple of Chuck Norris movies when I was younger. That piqued my interest to be a skilled athlete just like him. But my passion was still focused on Taekwondo, which drove me to eventually earn my black belt and ultimately, represent Selangor at the 2004 SUKMA Games. The physical aspect of martial arts led me to my first dream career as a stuntman. Although not glamorous, I took pride in it as it was the perfect blend of athletics and entertainment. That paved the way for me to become an actor. Since then, I’ve continued to work on my craft by brushing up on my acting skills whilst continuing to maintain my physical condition at its peak. Ultimately, it brought me the leading roles I am fortunate to have today.

So what’s next on your plate?

I am starring in Malbatt- Misi Bakara, it’s the true story about the Black Hawk Down incident but told from Malaysia’s perspective. It’s the most expensive local movie ever produced to date with a budget of over RM20 million and 85% of the film was shot in Turkey. It’s an exciting project to be a part of as the story is inspired by the real event that happened on 3 October 1993.


Hairul is wearing Balmain and Girard-Perregaux La Esmeralda Tourbillon “A Secret” in pink gold,

courtesy of The Hour Glass