Henry Goh

Henry Goh

Co-founder and COO

Macrokiosk is one of the pioneers for its digitalisation platform as a service since it’s inception at the turn of the millennium or noughties. Henry and his team grew the company from a three man force located out of Kuala Lumpur and is currently the group’s acting COO and is responsible for the efficiency and the organisation’s business operations, policies and procedures.

How has your MCO been for you?

It was really quite good, In a way I learned something new, I don’t usually cook, but now I do since there’s more time. Besides cooking, bringing the gym to home, and just doing a lot of video conferencing for work. The other thing is I’ve also booked myself a holiday to “Cuti-cuti Malaysia,” since it was announced we could travel interstate.

During this period do you see any changes in your respective line of work?

Our company helps other companies go digital be it a small business or a large company. So we can adapt our technology to grow digital like e-commerce or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and such.

During the first few months of the MCO, I would see a lot of people asking for our services and say they want things to be done quickly. So our customers are coming on board quite quickly because of their users— our customer’s customers. The good part is that now everyone is educated that we need to do things online.

As COO what have you done to make things smoother for your team to come back to work?

My team and I, have a business continuity team, which looks into making things smooth in terms of provisions of things like technology, the hardware, and software for them to work from home but I think the most difficult part is really how to make sure our team is comfortable in terms of using the technology and executing the job. We’re continuously communicating with them, for example—we share with them what we are doing and we’ve opened up a channel where they can let us know how we can help them better. We are open to their feedback aside from how much we can plan. The key point here is that it’s also new for everyone. That two-way communication helps to build confidence and comfort levels.


Henry is wearing: Shirt by Dior Men; Suit, his own; Pasha de Cartier Skeleton in stainless-steel case and bracelet. He is standing beside the All-new Toyota RAV4