Henry Ngo

Architectural Designer at NGO Studio

Since he was young, Henry has enjoyed exploring different materials as he constructed various edifices that he would keep under his bed. A badminton player, he also uniquely enjoyed all subjects in school - from art, and science, to mathematics - there was not a subject he did not enjoy.

Ever since he spent seven years studying in London, he’s been on a journey to better understand himself, as this period in his life requires him to rely on his ingenuity and resilience to succeed. Once a shy and unassured child, Henry is now confident as he knows his path in life.

How did you develop a sense of ambition? 
It actually comes naturally.

What do you find, are the most difficult decisions to make about life and business? 
When your client is one of your closest friends.

If you had a free billboard on KL's busiest street, what would you put on it?
A sensational architectural design that would dilute people’s thoughts and minds.

Why architecture? 
Why not? I like it because it’s a combination between science and art.

What nuances about architecture does the layperson not understand? 
It’s more than just a building. It’s a connection between space and humans.

What soft skills are a must, to be a successful architect and business person? 
Be true to yourself, especially in business. There can be so many grey areas and boundaries that can be conflicting, but we just need to be true to ourselves and do the right thing.


Henry is wearing a shirt, knitwear and shoes by Dior men; TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver