AM – MOTY – Jack Yap 2

Jack Yap


Jack Yap wants to save the world one plant-based nugget at a time. A bold statement for sure, but the founder of Phuture is already well on his way in redefining the future of food for a better tomorrow. By merging sustainable food technology and a passion for food, the health food entrepreneur kick-started his plant-based food solutions company in 2018. Today, it is one of the country’s largest plant-based meat producers, supplying restaurants and food service providers with a wide range of plant-based food products. With his resolve and ingenuity, Jack is indeed driving the fortunes of his plant-based nutritional brand and it’s a Phuture (pun intended) that is shining bright.

So what inspired you to jump into the plant-based business?

It began 11 years ago when I turned vegetarian. Initially it was because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but then I slowly started diving deeper into it and discovered how we can help to promote environmental sustainability and also address food security issues. I was in the food business at the time too, so this presented an opportunity to merge both together.

What was the greatest hurdle for you when you started Phuture?

I think it was convincing the mass who are generally meat eaters. The general impression is that plant-based is healthy but not tasty. That mindset has been built over time and it was something we had to overcome. Apart from providing food satisfaction, we also focused on the health and nutritional benefits. For example, our high-fibre chickens which is a plant-based chicken made with four types of plant fibres delivers the essential number of fibres required on a daily basis.

Why is sustainability important to you personally?

Like our name implies, we want to empower future generations, that is our dream. And we honestly believe that if we were to replace one chicken nugget with a plant-based one and multiply that by 500 million people on a daily basis, we can make a positive impact. We’re 10-20 times more efficient in terms of energy usage and we produce 10 times less carbon emissions than conventional poultry, so it does make a difference for the world when it comes to food sustainability and lower environmental impact. And those are issues that need to be addressed for the benefit of our future generations.


Jack Yap is wearing Girard-Perregaux Laureato Skeleton in black ceramic, courtesy of The Hour Glass. Outfit by Wardrobe; bow tie is stylist’s own.