Jimmy Poh

Jimmy Poh waltzed onto set dressed in a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers ミ a stark difference from his usual getup of pieces from his brand Kydra. We both laughed at the observation, before we caught up once again. Straightforward but with a sense of humour, the 28-year-old shared a little bit more than just his business in the conversation that ensued.  

What’s your definition of a modern gentleman?

To me, he is someone who’s driven and has a problem-solving mind. But he should still possess good traditional values like treating women with respect.  

What will you do if you struck the lottery big time?

Honestly, I’ll pump half of it into a local dementia association. My granddad suffered from the disease. So witnessing him go through it until the very end was really gut-wrenching. I would like to contribute to funding research to find solutions. And the other half will be for my parents. I think they deserve to be pampered seeing how they’ve ensured that I had a good upbringing. None for me because I still want to put my energy into developing my business and making a living out of that.

What are your thoughts on equating social media numbers to one’s success?

It’s a great business and marketing tool, I suppose. But the average person shouldn’t be fixated on that. Focus on building your skills, character and relationships first. 


Wool jacket, Loro Piana; T-shirt and trousers, Jimmy’s own; Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 TWA in steel with leather strap, Breitling