Lex Low

Lex Low


As a barber who gives free haircuts to the homeless, founder of Othrs. Barbers and cut X dignity, Lex Low has had the chance to listen to their stories and help some of them get on their feet again. Providing more than a free snip, Lex helps them regain some semblance of pride with his grooming skills, something money can’t buy.


What is your philosophy towards your trade and life in general?

I live my life by three simple rules. Number one, to love God. Two, love myself. And three, to love others. Everything I do, I always come back to these three pillars. I always believe in staying true to yourself and that's the most important value I set in my company. Pleasing people is convenient, pleasing God is a conviction. I'm learning every day to live by my conviction. You can't please everyone anyway.

What inspires you and your work? 

I'm always inspired by the ordinary people I meet. Often we want to be inspired by someone famous but the truth is everyone has their challenges and victories. Cutting hair for people somewhat made me a good listener. And I love the stories of my clients, the homeless, the poor and my students.

What do you find most meaningful and fulfilling about your current role?

In my barbershop, I get to lead a team and they’re like my family. They're the reason my barbershop is successful today. In my hairdressing school, I get to sow into the lives of the poor and underprivileged. In serving the homeless, I get to transform their lives one haircut at a time. What more can I ask for.