Nicholas Suchart

Nic is a self-professed introvert who needs days alone to recharge, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from talking to him. The architectural lighting consultant was chatty and had much to share over our conversation with him, like how most hospitality clients today consider it of paramount importance to have well-lit areas to encourage guests to take selfies.

What do you think defines the modern gentleman?
He’s someone who’s comfortable enough to recognise his flaws and won’t hesitate to ask for help. He’s probably also someone who is constantly working towards being the best version of himself. 

What drives you?

The next generation: my niece, my nephew, my future kids. There’s no point in spending any time in this world unless you could leave behind progeny, or leave something behind that makes life better for the next generation. It could be something as simple as spending time with my niece and nephew over the weekend and imparting good values to them. I don’t want to spend 70 years on this earth to be forgotten; I want to leave behind a positive legacy.

It comes down to making an impact, doesn’t it?

Well, yes. Whether it was in my days as a zookeeper doing educational shows, or my current career in designing how spaces are lit, it gives me joy to know that people enjoy the work I’ve done.


T-shirt, Nic’s own; shirt, Emporio Armani; trousers, COS; Aviator 8 Automatic 41 Black Steel Curtiss Warhawk in steel with fabric strap, Breitling