Adler Poh

Owner of Adler Luxury Hostel

The portmanteau “posh-stel” (posh hostel) may not be one you’ve heard but Adler Poh of luxury inn Adler Hostel (yes, it’s named after him) aims to change that.

What was your defining moment?

The hospitality sector took a bad hit following the Zika virus alarm last year. Up till then it had been plain sailing so that was my curved ball. The books turned red and I had to step up and do better.

What did you learn from doing business with family?

When I took a loan from my dad to start up, I thought it’d be clear-cut. But he then wanted to have a say in things and doing it the old way. Compromise is a fine art.

Have you met a personal hero of yours?

I don’t say this often but my dad really is my hero. He’s put a 150 per cent in for the family, and that has taught me a lot.

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