Arjuna Raj

Arjuna Raj

Chief Operating Officer, LittleLives Inc

Arjuna Raj is one of the most driven yet grounded people we’ve met. He may only be 33, but this dapper gentleman is the chief operating officer of Little Lives Inc, one of the most successful EduTech companies in the region. We managed to nab this jetsetter for a few minutes to learn about what makes him tick.


Where does your drive come from?

I’d say my mother. She’s a single mom who worked really hard to raise my sister and me effectively. She’s always been exemplary, and has a way with words. I tend to use a lot of her terminology when I speak to my team. She’s also taught me about understanding an individual’s thought process to become a better leader.


How would you define a gentleman?

I think the definition of a “gentleman” has changed over the years. These days we don’t need to be focused on societal expectations as much as before. More guys are in touch with fashion these days, and I think it’s completely fine. The ideal man is always comfortable in his own skin.


How do you escape the daily grind?

I reserve time for myself every day. Whether it’s yoga, working out at the gym, or watching TV, I have an hour of “me time”.


What do you think is the most ethical way to give 5 million dollars away?

I would have people come up with business proposals for a social cause. I come from a business background so I'm envisioning a shark tank-type scenario. I don't just want to write a cheque for $5 million dollars. You know what they say, give a man a fish... etc.


IG: @arjunaraj