David Ng



While many were struggling to just get by in university, David Ng had already set his sights on a business venture that would go on to broaden his horizons and allow him to see the world in a very different way. Back in 2008 when David was studying in a university in the United Kingdom, he noticed that there was a vast difference in the way the western market consumed smartphones compared to the east. Due to the fact that many mobile operators offered free phones with a contract, there was an estimated surplus of 60 million unused phones in the UK alone.

Not one to let an opportunity slide, in 2009 when David was undertaking his Master’s in Internet Communications, his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to start a business, trading phones from the Western Hemisphere to the East. “In the West, these phones were something that people didn’t want but as it turns out, it’s like gold to the people in the East.” Global Teltech is that bridge, taking phones from countries like the UK and trading them in emerging markets like Africa.

It is precisely because his business takes him from one half of the world to another that David has been able to see the different perspectives from both sides. “Since I was 25 I have been travelling extensively to meet up with different people that revolve around the business and through my travels, I realised that the exposure to different cultures really helped to open my mind and also I realised that there are so many opportunities just waiting to be explored,” he explains.