renard siew

Dr. Renard Siew


What are some of the things you are passionate about?

I am very passionate about the environment especially when it concerns the impact of climate change and water scarcity. I have an interest in engineering innovative solutions for businesses to adapt to these challenges. In my personal capacity, I run the Living Library platform in Malaysia to bridge the intergenerational gap between elderly citizens and youths as well as After5—a school camp that provides underprivileged youths with the necessary skill sets to succeed in life.

What drives you to achieve the things that are important to you?

To me, it’s always been personal fulfilment. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I can brighten up someone else’s day or inspire someone to do something impactful with their lives.

What is your philosophy in life?

Carpe diem—making the most out of every minute of every day.

How do you define success?

Success to me is not a destination but rather a journey. There’s always room for improvement and for one to be a better version of himself.

August Man Malaysia is a magazine for the discerning gentleman, what makes a gentleman in this era?

I think a gentleman is someone who has a lot of respect not just for people but also the environment. He is a man of form and substance. He is bold and courageous, not afraid to speak his mind yet is gracious in speech and action. Describe your sense of style. Think modern-day Professor—elegant suits and bow ties.

The A-Listers is about experiences. Describe your ultimate experience.

Above everything else, I’m really looking forward to meeting the other A-Listers and just having a fantastic time together. Perhaps an opportunity to walk the runway in an ecofriendly
attire? That would be quite an epic experience and a great message to the public as well.