Ernest Loh

Commercial Model & Content Creator

What are some of the things that you are passionate about? 

Mostly is doing creative work, and work where I know my end game well. Because it matches who I am, because you have that clarity, that gives you the crazy amount of work ethic that comes with the passion to pursue that.

How important it is for you to achieve the lifestyle that you want? 

It’s very important. Because for me, achieving a bad lifestyle means having bad fulfillment. Not just material wealth, because I think the people that I love around me deserves nothing less than the best version of me. To me, its crazy important to get there, and I think that is the real win.

How'd you describe success?

Fulfillment, and it comes in different forms to different people. It starts with figuring yourself out. I feel that I’m still constantly growing, I’m still not exactly where I want to be. But on a day to day basis, I try to maximize my 24 hours. It’s not always easy to do. You keep going until you perfect it.

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

For me, I think what defines the gentleman of today is confidence and the charisma, it comes from having fulfillment and awareness that what he or she does has a great impact on society, and somehow you’re able to build your self-esteem and career around that. For me, being a gentleman is that you have the confidence in doing your craft well. That to me, is what a gentleman is.

What is the ultimate experience for you?

I think the experience that would define me comes with a lot of resistance. It’s often something that’s always amazing, and then me taking that thing for granted [laughs]. And then epic fail [laughs]. That’s when you realize you have to put in your heart and soul. You need both polarities, you cannot go extreme on one side, and not have empathy on how others feel. Life is always a roller coaster. So the idea is that once you understand both, and in the future when good things come, you’ll appreciate it more. That goes a long way.