Gabriel Perera

Co-Owner and Director of Strategy & Business Development of Lifestream International

Being stagnant feels like something Gabriel Perera has avoided his entire life. He’s spent years in the consumer health industry, travelling the region and building businesses.

What’s your mantra?

As I grow older I’m learning more about balance. If a friend asks me out for a drink, I just go. There’s more stress in calorie-counting and debating the odds of that dessert and that’s just as harmful. Think of it as a bank account – you exercise and eat better so that you can have a cheat day that won’t be harmful.

A man is defined as much by his failures as his successes.

In a sense, because every time you fail, you fail forward. I think failure is a strong and emotionally-loaded word. If you think of it as learning, you take the sting out of it. So you either succeed, or you learn something. Both of those are wins.

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