Jeanbasri Longuet

Creative Director, Olala Studio & Designer, Jeanbasri Pour Homme

What is the ideal lifestyle for you?

Having work-life balance is very important. You cannot be healthy if you’re just working all the time. In our line of work, often we are bound to the desk, working long hours at the computer. I try to balance that out with sports – I play football and futsal, and I try to play every weekend. I’ve joined a social football league. I’m not so fond of the gym, honestly. I think having to chase after the ball motivates me to move about more. After work, my time belongs to my two kids. Raising kids can be tiring, but once you look at their faces, the fatigue just vanishes.

Where do you find the energy to wear the hats of an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, a husband and a father of two at the same time?

When you’re driven by passion, you don’t really count the hours. It’s hard work, but you just can’t help it; it almost comes naturally to you – both the energy and the desire. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

What do you do to rejuvenate the mind? 

Talking to people helps, listening to what they have to say. This way you get to see things from their perspectives and keep yourself abreast of your audiences’ taste and ever-changing mindsets. From here, you innovate and find your creativity.

How do you feel about having accomplished so much at such a young age?

I feel that I’m not there yet. There are still things that I wish to pursue. I want to be like my mum. She’s like 80 now, but she’s still healthy. She’s got a degree as well as two master’s degrees. I know I can’t beat that, but I hope to at least come close. I think in life you should have a mentor. My mum is my mentor and all that she has accomplished motivates me to keep developing myself. In life, you have to keep going.