Jothiganesh Subramaniam

Pilot, Malaysia Airlines

What are the things that you are passionate about?

For me, besides flying I love a lot of stuff. I like motorsports, or just anything that’s faster than me running [laughs]. But besides that, healthy lifestyle, working out and proper diet. At the end of the day having a healthy body is important, because it allows you to do all sorts of great stuff.

How do you balance the fine line between career and lifestyle?

Career is one thing, but you gotta enjoy what you do. I find my time, because I don’t work office hours. For me, its’ pretty balanced, and that goes well with my career.

How do you define success?

Success is when you achieve what you want, what you set out to do. Goals and targets in life changes as we progress. The ultimate success for me is the number of rice bowls one’s able to fill [laughs]. I believe that’s how you measure success.

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

I think nowadays being a gentleman is pretty much a mix of a little bit of everything. Back in the day, men had to project a certain level of masculinity. He shouldn’t do certain stuff. But now, I think they have a little bit of feminism in them. I think a true gentleman is someone who looks at women as his equal.

What is the ultimate experience for you?

Mostly when I go out I’m known for what I do, and I think that gave me an identity. I think the two things that excite any kid are airplanes and motorcycles. One of them spoke to me more [laughs]. I was set to be a pilot no matter what, and that was the ultimate goal for me. So basically, the ultimate experience for me is something that gives me the feel good factor, something that I wouldn’t mind doing over and over again.