Marcus Jilla

Director and Co-Founder of Mex Out

If you’re constantly craving for fish tacos, Marcus Jilla is a good man to know. He co-founded Mex Out, which prides itself in fast and casual Mexican grub. But of course there’s more to him than tacos.

Name one cool thing about you.

My secret dream is to become a nomad. I want to go places, meet people of different lands, take shelter in caves, and not know where I’m going next.

What is the craziest thing you ever did?

I drove a tuk-tuk 5,000km across India. It’s a thing called The Rickshaw Run and it’s done twice a year. That was crazy but it was fun.

If you could lead a double life...

I’d like to be a spy. Not necessarily in the James Bond category, but being part of an intelligence operation in a political hot spot like the Middle East. If not, then a rock star.

Follow him on Instagram @marcusjilla