Razif Yusoff

Co-Founder of PushPullGive

When life blesses you with a platform, you give back. That was all the motivation Razif needed to start up PushPullGive, a fitness social enterprise.

How did PushPullGive start?

The three of us who started it had been working out together and it hit us that helping at-risk youth was what we wanted to do.

What is important to you?

To never stagnate. I believe in continually improving oneself. I started in finance but realised the office life wasn’t for me so I started up Parrot Network, a training centre for parrots in Singapore.

Sorry, what?

Yeah! I’ve always kept parrots and people kept asking how I trained them so well and I realised there was a market. It’s still running. I have a team taking care of it.

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