Shahrin Bahar



Most men view bespoke suits as an indulgent affair. Women, conversely have always understood the vital importance of custom fittings because theirs is a ‘finishing’ to be paraded and admired. We still have the same peacoats, dinner jackets and suits our fathers did.

The pulse that keeps us going, if you asked Shahrin Bahar, is an obsession to detail. Running his tailoring business from his Bangsar loft, he’s zeroed in on fabrication, scale and proportion to an infinitesimal level. He’ll tell you how the width of a trouser or a lapel can become a life-changing event. But he’s no flaunting Lagerfeld.

“I represent the geeky side of menswear design. I debate about length by the quarter inches for goodness sake. And I hardly chase whatever the runways are promoting. I’ve always felt my suits and blazers should be truly timeless.”

After London’s College of Fashion, Bahar interned with German design house Burlington, then worked with Puma on the Alexander McQueen line and had a stint with Club 21 in Singapore designing DKNY jeans. After spending almost a decade abroad, I wonder why he’s back here.

“I’m focusing on the grassroots. This is my home and this is where I want to build my name.”

I ask for some last words. “Don’t buy more, but buy better. Tailored suits, which can take multiple fittings will offer you a sense of empowerment you’ve never felt before. Plus, I’ve always designed my pieces to mix and match high-street stuff, so you’ll never be out of style.”