Robin Tiang

Robin has the kind of features that make men consider plastic surgery. But after he shared with us about the struggles he went through in his effort to grow his VR business, his soft spot for marine life and how he tries to creatively use his business to raise cancer awareness, we were heartened to see that there is more to this pretty boy than meets the eye.

What’s your definition of an A-Lister?

He is a gentleman who’s always at the top of his game. I also feel that he has attained important life experiences and isn’t selfish to pass that wisdom around.   

Do you think you can translate your business into social work?

I was inspired to think of ideas on spreading empathy through VR after working with the Singapore Cancer Society. I imagine it could put people in the shoes of a cancer patient who’s been told he has three months left to live. Or transport them next to a patient’s deathbed. It will be great to get people thinking about instances like these and not just focus on chasing material success.

What wisdom do you want to share? 

The first is to not dwell on negativity. While I was building my business, someone I trusted cost me a great deal when he betrayed me. But I wasn’t going to hate life and watch my business die. Instead, I chose to channel that frustration into growing the business and becoming a better person. 


T-shirt, shirt and denim jacket, Sandro; jeans, Robin’s own; Premier Chronograph 42 in steel with steel bracelet, Breitling