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Sccott Kuah

Podcaster & Business Owner of Tipsy Tap

Meet Sccott, a business ninja that has been making deals since he was old enough to receive an allowance. Entrepreneurship has always run in his veins, and he remembers selling his items secondhand after not having a use for them. Despite being an entrepreneur today, Sccott still has an open mind about venturing into different businesses in the future.

For Sccott, entrepreneurship is not just a way to make a living; it’s a way of life. His passion for business is evident in everything he does, from the way he talks about his ventures to the tireless hours he spends refining his ideas. Also, he runs his own podcast called The Journey Podcast too.

What’s the toughest challenge you face in business and hosting a podcast?

It’s getting people to trust you, especially when you’re dealing with people unfamiliar with your brand. There’s always a sense of doubt in people’s minds when they encounter something new, like when we’re trying to sell a product or promote our podcast. Even when the podcast is free to listen to, some individuals may question whether it’s worth their time and effort.

Have you ever started a business that you had second thoughts on?

During my time in university, I decided to venture into the clothing business. At first, I enjoyed the process, but soon discovered that there were a lot of factors to consider.

Despite our efforts to try different things, the business didn’t materialize the way we hoped it would. Looking back, I realize that my youth and lack of direction at the time may have been contributing factors. But if you were to ask me today whether I would give the clothing business another shot, I would say “Why not?”

What other projects do you have in your sights?

There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while, and that is opening my very own café. I want to offer customers the ability to customise their pasta dishes to their liking, which is something that I haven’t seen much of in Malaysia yet.

When I go to pasta shops, I often find myself wanting to tweak the recipe to better suit my tastes. For instance, maybe I want a fettuccine with arrabbiata sauce, one with meat, one without meat, and some vegetables on top. I believe that providing customers with the ability to create their own pasta dishes would be a unique and exciting concept.

Sccott wears a jacket and trousers by Polo Ralph Lauren