thanesh and viknes perrabu

Thanesh & Viknes Perrabu

For as long as they could remember, Viknes and Thanesh Perrabu have been fond of mythology and its role in cultural identity. Paying homage to Indian folklore with their latest film, Paramapatham, the Perrabu brothers created a refreshing and highly enjoyable hybrid of fantasy and thriller.

Paramapatham tells the story of an archaeologist named Aroon and his three friends, whose lives are forever changed after coming across an ancient board game engraved with the word “Paramapatham” during their journey.

Having won numerous awards – including Best Cinematography at the Norwegian Film Festival, Best Feature at the Tagore Film Festival, as well as Best Producer at the Coimbatore Film Festival – across various film festivals, the Perrabu brothers’ filmmaking journey has sent ripples through the film appreciation community.

Thanesh: Viknes started his journey in filmmaking as an actor. Whether it’s auditioning for Astro or RTM, he struggled in getting roles. When he started directing his first short film, I was cast as the lead. So, I started my journey under his direction from the very beginning. As time went on, he was more hands on with directing, and I started getting more hands on with editing. Eventually, my father also became a producer for our project. It’s like a family business.
Viknes: My family has always been supportive in our journey as filmmakers. We are filmmakers because our parents made it possible for us to embark on this journey. For the past 12 years, I have attended over 200 auditions as an actor. To tell you the truth, our local film industry is very limited in terms of providing opportunities for people who are pursuing filmmaking as a career. I just want to create my own identity, and that’s why I got into directing my own projects.

Thanesh: It was refreshing to work on something that’s not a romantic, drama, or horror film. We wanted to tell a story that has a mythological element to it. We incorporated an ancient board game into the story, and the game itself originated from India. My favourite part of the filmmaking process was when we got to develop a 2.5D animated sequence illustrating the origin of the game. A VFX team in Kerala, India worked on it, and it was a fantastic experience. The board itself was built by our own team, and it was incredible working on something practical.
Viknes: The exposure. Prior to Paramapatham, we were treated unkindly in the industry. The film provided a platform for our voices to be heard. The film was a testament to our dedication over the past ten years. The international awards that we have won have also been a source of comfort for me. They assured me that even though we may not receive recognition from our own country, we can still survive in other corners of the world, doing what we do best.

Viknes: I’d be involved as a producer and as an actor. Thanesh is the brains behind our second project.
Thanesh: Our next project would be a slasher film. The approach is very different in comparison to what we did with Paramapatham. We already shot most of it in Cameron Highlands, and we were able to experiment with various filmmaking equipment for the very first time. By far, the most interesting aspect of the project is the opportunity to create a jail cell set, a way for us to take advantage of the genre. The project will also feature a 3D animated sequence. We can’t wait for our fans to see it, stay tuned!

The brothers are in outfits by BOSS X Russell Athletic