AM – MOTY – Vinesh Sinha 2

Vinesh Sinha


Vinesh Sinha is the founder and CEO of Fathopes Energy, which was set up in 2010 with a refund from London's School of Commerce after he dropped out. Committed to building a better environment for future generations, Sinha's entrepreneurial spirit led the organisation to grow into a regional forerunner in the realm of waste and residue vegetable oil collection, aggregation, and conversion into high-quality advanced biofuels. FatHopes Energy's vision is to bring sustainable waste-based biofuels to everyday applications that benefit the economy, society, and the world.

FatHopes Energy has come a long way since its inception. How have your priorities changed from when you first started?

It surely has, we’re a very different organisation as compared to when we started. This is something we’re extremely grateful for, having the liberty, freedom, and drive to pivot our approach in achieving our goals.

Our priorities today are centred around our waste oil contributors which has driven our digitisation ambition and evolved our organisation tremendously. Digitisation has enabled us to develop and implement a very successful entrepreneurship program resulting in many dignified green jobs across the region. Today, our priorities are centred around people, and we acknowledge that our best bet on exponential growth is doubling down on the great people this region has.

FatHopes Energy is making the world a better place. What can consumers do to help the cause? 

Recently, we’ve launched an app for iOS as well as android which enables households to opt for proper disposal of their waste oil. By using the app, users can contribute directly towards financial gain. In addition, we also have a vendor app that restaurants, hotel, and food production factories can access to track their waste oil production, cycle change, and several other key pieces of information that optimise their waste oil disposal experience.

What is the secret behind FatHopes Energy’s success? 

Our people. The focus, grit, and perseverance that our people demonstrated have been instrumental in the execution of our vision. We don’t just value people who think outside of the box, but the brightest individuals with passion burning in their souls, those who possess an extraordinary attitude to get things done. They are our foundation and the bedrock of our ongoing pursuit for a cleaner, more equitable world.


Vinesh Sinha is wearing Wardrobe and Girard-Perregaux Laureato in stainless steel, courtesy of The Hour Glass