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Wan Sean Shariff

Real estate agent

Beneath the studious disposition looms a successful real estate agent. But don’t let a pair of framed spectacles he regularly wears deceive the fact that Sean can turn it on at the snap of the fingers. After all, this was a man who possessed the self-belief to reinvent himself from a DJ to an aspirant – who once breezed through 10 job interviews at various agencies and got offered a spot by all of them – to sell dream homes one after another. His biggest sale to date is a beautifully furnished Damansara Heights palazzo transacted for a cool RM12.5 million. It boasts seven bedrooms, an equal number of bathrooms, and commands its own swimming pool and half a tennis court.

Sean entered real estate on the premise of “wanting to give it a shot”. He is now closing in on a decade. The impending milestone has inspired him to cast his sight beyond work, monetary rewards and real estate. He harbours an altruistic desire to give back to society. The former Zoo Negara volunteer is incandescent about animal welfare.

What is your philosophy on being a real estate agent?

When you meet a client, as an agent, it is important for you to remember that you are there for their needs. What comes to the minds of a lot of agents is the potential commissions they stand to gain. They put commissions first, clients second. That is the opposite of what I do. For me, it is always clients first, commissions second. That’s my philosophy and it has served me well.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It sounds clichéd, but when a client walks into a property they love, you can sense their immediate satisfaction. I feed off their emotions. I love it when they are happy.

How do you cope with stress at work?

Exercising is very important for one’s mental health. I cycle a lot and love working out. Work can get stressful at times; one needs an outlet and my outlet is exercise. It can be any sport. I would even go ahead and call myself an endorphins addict.

Sean wears a blazer, vest, and trousers by Polo Ralph Lauren