The brilliant thing about being a Man of Today – or striving towards it – is that we’re no longer bounded by the ideal male archetypes. Today, a man is not measured by his machismo, his appearance, or his success, but rather his actions.

To Hugo Boss, the Man of Today abides by the codes of integrity and respect that shape his choices and behaviour; he shares and celebrates his own idea of success. This message, the subtext in Hugo Boss’ Man of Today campaign, is naturally best fronted by actor Chris Hemsworth – the global fragrance ambassador of BOSS Bottled – and perfectly embodied within its fragrance, BOSS Bottled.

Hugo Boss: Chris Hemsworth using the classic BOSS Bottled
Chris Hemsworth using the classic BOSS Bottled.
“It’s about the qualities of honesty and integrity, which is a great message to be a part of.”
Chris Hemsworth

BOSS Bottled has a lasting fragrance with a fruity top note and a woody base note. This gives a refreshing and elegant scent that transitions well as it settles, not unlike a man who chooses to focus on the qualities of integrity and respect to become a Man of Today. Hemsworth resonated with the attitude Hugo Boss reflects, one which his parents bestowed upon him. “It’s an approach I hope to instil in my kids as well. It’s about the qualities of honesty and integrity, which is a great message to be a part of,” he puts.

BOSS Bottled is more than just a fragrance. However, if there’s one thing Hugo Boss wants out of the men today is this — it’s the time for you to show the world who you are through your actions, through the values you live by, and through the standards you set for yourself as you strive towards your own definition of success. That is what makes a man of today, and that is Hugo Boss’ Man of Today.

BOSS Bottled is available here at RM357 for 100ml.

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