Fresh off one of the highlights of Baselworld 2017, Rado’s Captain Cook has been revisited with a whole lot of goodies. Modelled off of the original 35mm stainless-steel diver from 1962, the Captain Cook of 2019 carries with it a lot of the elements and virtues that made the original a timeless piece. Often associated with discovery and oceangoing bravery, Rado is proud to present the next chapter of the decade defining watch.

Rado Captain Cook Collection
Rado’s Captain Cook has often been associated with discovery and oceangoing bravery.

Paying an homage to the good ol’ captain that started it all, Rado is proud to launch a brand-new collection of Captain Cook watches as part of its exciting new product selection. While many might think vintage, Rado urges watch enthusiasts to think vibrant instead. Forget traditional and think pioneering. Shapes, colours, materials and an eye for enduring design combine on 42 mm models that are made to fit modern proportions.

Rado Captain Cook Collection
Rado’s new Captain Cook Collection replaces the acrylic glass with sapphire crystal for added scratch resistance.

As far as retro styling goes, the 1950s and 60s are the sweet spot for many. It’s evident that the Captain Cook of 2019 understands the sentiment and commits to it. By blending all of the elements that made the 1962 original a roaring success as well as signature materials that have appeared on various noteworthy Rado models, the new Captain Cook is a vintage-aesthetic beauty that brings out the best of both worlds.

Rado Captain Cook Collection
Rado’s new Captain Cook Collection utilises a durable high-tech ceramic inlay for the bezel, a material it’s used since 1986.

The original concave turning bezel now benefits from a durable high-tech ceramic inlay. Rado has been using this amazing material since 1986. The new ceramic bezel inlay appears in glossy black – the colour first used on the ground-breaking Integral from 1986. Typical Rado colours are another striking element of the new collection. Green, blue and brown versions – colours first introduced at Rado on the True collection in 2016 – make its Captain Cook debut in matching combinations of dials and bezels. The sapphire crystal that was first introduced through the Diastar 1 back in 1962 replaces the acrylic glass of the original, adding scratch resistance while retaining its bubble-effect box aesthetic.

Rado Captain Cook

The new Rado Captain Cook of 2019 includes retro style elements of the 1950s and 1960s too.

The famous moving anchor symbol, which is now a staple across all Rado automatic watches, has a new 60s inspired ruby background. It represents quality and precision just as it did in 1962. The movement of the new Captain Cook collection is dominated by the more powerful Swiss made, high-quality C07 movement with extended 80-hour power reserve.

Rado Captain Cook Collection
Rado’s brand new Captain Cook collection features shapes, colours, materials and an eye for enduring design combined on 42 mm models.

By seamlessly blending its vintage aesthetics with modern materials, Rado succeeds in reinvigorating an iconic watch with an illustrious history. While the 2017 model brought Captain Cook into this millennium, the 2019 update brings the collection to new heights. Through a visit to its illustrious past, Rado brought together its greatest adventures to create a collection that’s worthy of its name.

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