More often than not, we admire the trends coming down the runways of London, Paris and Milan, but trying them out for ourselves is another matter altogether. The brutal truth is that most of us aren’t built like models, most of whom look like they could probably wear a trash bag and get papped by the likes of Tommy Ton.

Scouring the website of fashion retailer, we found ourselves hovering over fashion forward items that many men may hesitate to don. But with a new and exciting spring/summer season upon us, it begs the question: why not? It’s a good excuse to own something new and outlandish for the heck of it. Here’s how to own these three tricky trends without looking like a fashion victim.

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The floral sweatshirt
Floral prints continue to make their appearance on menswear and if you haven’t caught on, the look is Chelsea Flower Show, not Hawaiian Tropic. The trickiness level of this particular trend depends on your tolerance for blooms. If you dare to go all the way, Givenchy’s statement-making sweatshirt clashes bright bands of camo prints with pinks florals. Too loud? Markus Lupfer’s rose prints are kept to a monotone minimum for a more graphic look. Otherwise, stick to MSGM’s grey sweatshirt; the flower power is kept within the neat confines of the word “Love”. The key to wearing florals (and just about anything loud) is to keep the rest of your look simple and casual: cotton shorts, canvas sneakers and a white T-shirt underneath will do just fine.

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The short casual jacket
Long jackets are staple go-tos for their immediate slimming effect, but if you’re blessed with a lean figure and trim waist, a short jacket can be a very chic addition to your wardrobe. Proportions are key. If you have a short torso, a short jacket will make it even shorter, so layer it over a tucked out t-shirt. This season’s jackets come in a variety of styles. Saint Laurent’s in black gabardine mixes military with rock ‘n’ roll, with double pockets that create the illusion of a broader torso. Combining two looks in one, D.Gnak by Kang.D blends classic jacket lapels and pockets with a zipper fastening and gathered waistband. If you want to play it safe, keep it simple and clean. Ermenegildo Zegna’s very practical reversible nylon jacket is a great example of this.

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The man “clutch”
We get it, only women should carry clutch bags. Well dudes, what some dub a clutch we call an elegant solution to reducing the baggage on your being. These small portable bags have long been adopted by stylish men, so there’s no reason for trepidation. They help keep all the necessities – cash, credit cards, keys – in one sleek place, so your pants or jacket pockets aren’t bulging with stuff, which would otherwise ruin the sleek lines of your suit. If you’re wearing a solid colour like grey or navy, add a graphic element with Pierre Hardy’s zippered pouch covered in the brand’s signature geometric print. If you prefer solid colours, try Marni’s elegant leather double pouch in deep green calf skin. It even comes with two handy pockets so you can organise your stuff easily. For a touch of fun, Vlieger & Vandam black leather version comes with a variety of embossed weapons from a kitchen knife to a pistol. And if anyone mocks your “girly bag” remember: confidence is key.

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3 Tricky Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them
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