Avoid electric razors with rotating heads. You will only end up having your hair cut off in various directions. You can’t expect a clean shave from that.

Facial scrub. Sure, you don’t want to feel emasculated, but here’s what. Scrubbing your face twice a week will help you exfoliate the excess oil away, along with dirt, stubborn blackheads, and dead skin, which can prevent ingrown hairs and therefore, acne.

Shaving over ingrown hairs. By doing this, you’re only asking for trouble, so give remember to give it a break.

Sweat irritates freshly shaven skin. If this happens to you, try shaving at night. Shaving in the morning will only subject weakened skin to harm, making it feel uncomfortable.

You can get a satisfying shave only with the best. You got to stick with the best.​ Invest in a Thiers-Issard straight razor (seen above). Made in France, it’s sharp, shaves like a charm, and if you take enough care of it, it will stick around for a long time.

Thiers-Issard products can be found at Sultans of Shave

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