We are exactly one week away from our much celebrated Men of the Year event, when we will reveal 10 personalities that have made a difference in their respective disciplines throughout the year. The announcement will, of course, take place in the midst of what we August Man Malaysia does best: a party!

This year, we will be doing things a little differently, with a dress code themed biker chic. In case our guests don’t show up in the dreaded red-neck biker look – think heavy bearded ZZ Top with sleeveless denim vests, we have put together some stylish pointers to have you rocking up to our party on point and, as the youngsters say these days, on fleek.

From left: Bottega Veneta; Salvatore Ferragamo; Bottega Veneta

From left: clutch and tote bag by Bottega Veneta; backpack by Versace

1. Leather
This fashion statement has been synonymous to the biker fashion culture for the longest time, as the sturdy and durable material offers protection from injuries and the weather – something bikers are often exposed to while on the road. Luckily, leather is a polished and sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down to suit the wearer’s personality, not just in terms of outerwear, but accessories as well.

The Denim DNA: from left: Ian Somerhalder; Zac Efron; Justin Timberlake

From left: Dior Homme; Levi’s

2. Denim
Another presentation that goes hand in hand with leather for the biker look, as well as everything else under the sun is denim. As durable yet versatile in style as the tanned counterpart, while not as secured on the road, the denim element does provide a more comfortable wear on warmer days. It’s an investment worth making as denim is constantly making a comeback, be it as trucker jackets, or jeans in more choices of cuts and silhouettes, as well as the plethora of patterns from each trending fashion brand out there.

From left: Bottega Veneta; Prada; Bottega Veneta; Emporio Armani

3. Jacket
Whether it’s leather or denim, or anything in between, the right jacket will have you racing down the right path towards an elegant biker look. There are plenty of choices out there to choose from that portrays the wearer’s different need for speed, reminiscence of the past, the modern, or the future. The key is to select a jacket with zippers for that quick getaway in less than 60 seconds.

Clockwise: TOD’S; Versace; Bally

4. Footwear
Another fool proof fashion item for a biker chic look is the footwear. Hi-top boots are usually the go-to shoes for the conventional hardy look. The current fashion trends are a mish mash of the luxurious and the sporty, in which you can find lace-ups with hints of wingtips commonly seen on dress shoes, as well as snazzier reimagines to the traditional boots that boast on functionality.

Bottega Veneta

From top left: Playground bag by Dior Homme, sunglasses by BOSS Eyewear, small leather goods illustrated by Slowboy for dunhill; From bottom left: money clip by Tiffany & Co, backpack by Prada, cufflinks by dunhill

5. Accessories
From discernible motoring-themed goods, to embellishments with subtle nods to the motoring industry, this is your chance to personalise your biker themed look with a tad of dapper thrown in the mix, so you don’t look like every other burly men hanging out on their enormous bikes outside Hard Rock Café.

From left: Edox Chronorally Sauber F1 Team "25th Anniversary" limited edition; Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon Chronograph limited edition; Bell & Ross BR 126 Renault Sport 40th Anniversary limited edition

6. Timepieces
Finally, the finishing touch to add a little bit of class to your ensemble, a racing-inspired timepiece. Much like the abovementioned accessories, there are a handful of timepieces available out there that have been long time partners to various big names from motor sports events, such as the Formula One – partnerships which result in special and limited edition timepieces that are definitely one of the kind, and make you stand out from the crowd when you roll up at the entrance to our party.

The August Man Malaysia Men of the Year 2017 party is strictly by invitation only.

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