With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of local designers offering the latest designs to usher in the Year of the Tiger. Which we can definitely still appreciate, despite mostly catering for women.

As the tradition goes, putting on new clothes on Chinese New Year symbolises a fresh new start for the brand new year. While one might opt for the customary way to dress by donning a bright red cheongsam, many local brands are also putting a fun modern twist to the festive outfits, making them versatile enough to be worn throughout the year.

From Brian Khoo to Khoon Hooi, and Cassey Gan to Wynka, here’s where you can find your brand new fits for Chinese New Year 2022.

Cassey Gan

Favouring comfort and non-conforming style, the Cassey Gan label showcases its innovative mix of fabrics and functional design in its Lunar 2022 collection. The label’s signature Fuwa Fuwa print shines through the collection, and with its simple fitting silhouette, vibrant colours and quirky panelling, the Cassey Gan aesthetic is a great way to usher in the new year with.

Shop the Cassey Gan Lunar 2022 collection here.

Innai Red

Innai Red’s latest collection for Chinese New Year centres around the spirit of ‘Rú Yì’, which means ‘as you wish’ or ‘everything goes well’. Embracing the mood of celebration, Innai Red’s Chinese New Year 2022 collection features vibrant colours and floral patterns that dominate each look. The outfits are also finished with pearl-embellished clusters and multicoloured beadwork that can easily be brought to life by both the traditionalist and trendsetter.

Browse the Innai Red Chinese New Year 2022 collection here.

Khoon Hooi

The Khoon Hooi Chinese New Year 2022 collection welcomes you to the Lee Mansion, an ornately decorated manor located in one of the most affluent parts of Kuala Lumpur. There, you’re greeted by Madam Lee, who’s mingling with her guests in a vast open courtyard, ready to welcome a full day of festivities. Loved for her impeccable sense of style, she is one of top socialites in the scene and has a wardrobe full of outfits befitting the occasion — from the “Rui Ling” dress that gives off a regal and imperial vibe, to the pièce de résistance, “Qian Ru”, the shift dress of metallic brocade, with its detachable pleated cape.

Check out the full Khoon Hooi Chinese New Year 2022 collection here.


GEM by WYNKA is a bespoke collection of tailor-made cheongsam-inspired pieces, and aims to pay tribute to the brand’s beginnings. Inspired by the closet of creative director Karen Lau’s mother, the lineup is a marriage of old Shanghai and a modern whimsical aesthetic — bringing together unique details such as vintage pearl brocades and muted pastels together.

The GEM by WYNKA collection will be available for pre-order in February its updated website.

Emcee Couture, by Meichi

Emcee Couture’s ‘Sanguine’ collection brings you delicate Chantilly lace and intricate embroidery, with an emphasis on red accents to pave the way for the Year of the Tiger. From its signature jacquard pieces to vibrantly coloured two-piece outfits, get ready for a versatile look come this Chinese New Year.

Shop the ‘Sanguine’ collection by Emcee Couture here.

Brian Khoo

Brian Khoo’s Lunar 2022 collection combines contemporary trends with tradition across a jewel-toned lineup. From mini satin robes to cut-out cheongsams, the label manages to bring something both contemporary and classical to the forefront, creating a twist to the timeless Chinese costume designs. 

Browse the Brian Khoo Lunar 2022 collection, available for pre-order here.


Known for breaking the norms in the traditional costumes of Malaysia, Behati’s take on local wear is to merge traditional elements from different races of the country. In its Chinese New Year collection, dubbed ‘Behati Baju Cina’, the label features a variety of pieces, from the fringed dragon Chinese brocade cropped cheongsam top to the traditional samfu redefined in a sporty silhouette.

Shop Behati’s Chinese New Year collection on its official website.

Melinda Looi

Aptly centred around the Year of the Tiger, Melinda Looi’s Cruise 2022 collection takes inspiration from the Malayan tiger, Malaysia’s very own national animal. Melinda Looi’s ‘My Tropical Mars’ collection features vibrantly coloured cheongsams, jumpsuits and the label’s iconic dresses that emanate a particularly regal vibe while keeping a whimsically fun mood all around.

Shop ‘My Tropical Mars’ on the official Melinda Looi website.

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