In celebration of the launch of the new, Italian tailoring brand Canali has teamed up with innovative graphic artist and calligrapher Job Wouters to create a short film that perfectly encapsulated the brands’ passion and dedication for quality craftsmanship.


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Aptly entitled Contours, the short film depicts Wouters painting 80 typographic designs in a single sitting, with each design symbolising a year of Canali’s existence. It is also the first of Canali’s 200 Steps content series where they are devoted to interviewing various creative individuals about their craft and workmanship.


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“What I like most about handwriting is the universal quality of it,” Wouters explained, in a video interview. “When you see beautiful calligraphy, you can connect. There is always a tension between expression and control. These are two forces that look like they’re opposites but in a sense, they are not.”


Canali Presents the First Craftsman of its 200 Steps Series-am_il_v1001_i_325ce7659448b0d5dd0710227632870431_923fad08f4cb564835594761373bb36345

The intricacy and detail of Dutch artist’s typographic work pays homage to the supreme quality and well-designed menswear that Canali is known to supply. The new offers a fresh online presence for the Italian brand and covers everything from its heritage and services as well as a new feature, L’Edizione, an online journal that will explore the season’s trends and styles.

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