This is for the man whose overstuffed pocket is a distraction and white framed glasses more glaring than his great grandaunt’s holiday sweater. Andy Wong, owner of Rave Photography, shares with us a list of items essential to his current wardrobe (and perhaps yours), along with a few sartorial tips.  

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Always choose a watch that’s simple and elegant. You can never go wrong with familiar classics like the Patek Philippe Nautilus which is easy on the wrist and commands attention from a distance.

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It’s usually best to go with a pair of frames that soften your look, so avoid choosing colours (such as white) that are too stark. And if you ever have difficulty with spotting quality, an easy way is to check out the frame’s hinge.  

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It’s never disgraceful to walk around in a slightly battered pair of sneakers like these. Shoes like Converse have been around for a long time, and are one of the few that continue to hold court.

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If you don’t want a bulging pocket that might dislocate the hip, opt for slim card holders and money clips.

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Wear a ring only if it’s simple and classy. And remember to wear it on the opposite hand of where your watch is, so as to prevent any clashes.  

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Like a watch, accessories like key chains and fobs are integral to your style. Take a step-up from gutter-punk chains to simpler versions like these.   

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In parched and humid weather like ours, there is no shirt stylish enough or colour bold enough that can make a drenched man look good. Hankies, as such, are indispensable.   

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Essential Necessities
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