If you’re anything like us, you’re probably one of the following: someone who plans your whole schedule all day to be out of the apartment till you’re done at the gym and had supper; or a dad with a young kid who needs to pack a dozen things into the “just-in-case” bag; or a trendy yuppie who brings around a backpack with nothing in it, you just wanna look cool and limit the plastic use when you’re shopping. 

Regardless of which persona you fall into, your bag needs are generous. It’s gotta have space, it’s gotta have enough compartments to put aside all sorts of stuff. It needs to be durable. We went around trying and examining backpacks from various labels and our conclusion was, Fendi‘s Three-Pocket Backpack is what you need. We’ll explain and review in detail. 

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1. The handle. 
Unless you’re lifting heavy machinery in your back or need both hands for operation, no one really uses the straps much these days. (In which case, you two-strap, or one-strap but to the front and not the back.) The handle, previously an afterthought by backpack makers, is now centrestage since we carry our backpacks like a briefcase these days. Fendi’s backpacks come with comfy textured Selleria leather straps that are designed rather like a briefcase handle – broader for holding. It slides back to conform with the bag when unused. 

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2. Lots of compartments.
Three main body compartments and two side pockets are plenty. Travellers, side pockets are passport sized, else, the first pocket is ideal for carrying your documents, wallets, et cetera. Second pocket is just nice for assortment of cables and a compact toiletries bag. Also, just nice for a set of kid’s clothing. The main compartment, that’s for heavy duty stuff. Laptops, gym equipment, kid’s toys, even your hardware store purchases will fit in there easily. And you will still look stylish. 

3. Double zips. 
It’s a small detail, but you have no idea how important it is to be able to only open half the bag to retrieve something, especially when you’re on the go. The Three-Pocket Backpacks, available in Selleria leather or in tri-colour fur, also looks incredibly stylish and well-structured. 

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Check out how Fendi produces their Selleria leather, and try on the Three-Pocket in store for yourself. Don’t just take our word for it. Even though we’re right. 

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