Yes, you’re still allowed to wear tropical print shirts when in the city. Here’s how.

Although tropical prints have been around for decades, the style most often comes to the fore on vacation or when a pop video makes it woke every now and then.

The truth is that most men find tropical print shirts difficult to navigate. The colours, patterns, and casual appeal aren’t the easiest to pull off when not at the beach. It is, however, not impossible to style tropical prints in everyday settings. Here’s a quick guide to how one can pull off the look in diverse ways. 

The classic look
tropical print shirt
Floral printed shirts with solid beach pants are perfect for summer – which is all-year round, here.

It’s an instant visual cue that tropical prints belong on the beach or on a yacht. It’s very summery and holiday-ready. Ideally, these shirts are straight-fitted, in light, breathable fabrics. The best way to pull off this look is by simply letting the bold prints do their magic and pairing it with linen or cotton solid colour shorts. An important rule in all matters pattern mixing – balance the prints and solids.

Let the shirt loose or tuck it in, and add minimal accessorising – the look will spell leisure and effortless style. Since this is meant for outdoors, more vibrant colours like red, blue, orange and even green would be apt. For your shorts, however, classic white and navy always work well. 

The casual look
tropical prints shirt
White-based shirts and lighter shades should be tucked-in

This a step above the classic leisure dressing offered by prints and Cuban shirts. We’d imagine you wearing this with a cocktail or a Pina Colada in hand, maybe on a Sunday brunch as well. The key to working with overly bold prints is allowing them to be the centre of attention and working the look around them. So use the potpourri of bold colours to create a contrast with the jeans or the trousers you wear.

If you like your shirt tucked in, opt for a shirt with a neutral base colour like white, irrespective of the colour of the prints on it. If you aren’t tucking it in, opt for darker shades like navy, maroon, or forest green. Remember to always wear solid colour trousers – you wouldn’t want a texture or checkered print contrasting with vibrant florals. In terms of footwear, keds or plimsolls would be ideal. 


tropical prints shirt

You need to be clear about mixing and matching – only subtle base colours like navy, white or maroon work for shirts, whereas your blazer could essentially aim for pastel colourways. In terms of footwear, maintain the casual air with a pair of white sneakers or a textured leather pair. 


This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia India

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