Once in a while, you might find yourself daydreaming at your desk at work about what life could have been like if you followed your dreams. You might think it’s impossible but Muhammad Nizam, or Jiman Casablancas, proves that it’s quite the opposite.



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If you’re an avid party-goer in KL and you don’t know who Jiman Casablancas is, chances are you haven’t been to the right parties. Spotting him at an event or a fashion show isn’t exactly too difficult: just look out for the man with the most avant-garde sense of style in the place.

Truly a man with no limits; he is a certified litigation lawyer, Creative and Communications Director of Tarik Jeans, Editor in Chief of a digital news platform called Common Affairs, Founder of JCPR—the list goes on and on.

Jiman’s curiosity developed during his time in PR, which led him into other creative fields such as fashion, writing and event organising— which ultimately explains why his wardrobe is unlike any other. Leather jackets, denim jackets, heeled leather boots, bracelets, rings. Each plays a significant role in Jiman’s life.

With a collection of a number of rare and limited, or what he calls them – priceless treasures. In this interview, we speak to Jiman Casablancas about his style and his thoughts on the fashion scene in Malaysia.

Jiman Casablancas

So, tell us, when did it all begin?

It began when I read my first copy of THE FACE, I instantly became obsessed with all things pop culture.

Your fashion collection is literally massive. Have you gone through your whole closet and counted how many clothing pieces you currently own?

If you go way back, it was rather massive, but I’ve also given many of my pieces away so it has shrunk to a less embarrassing number. I keep the statement pieces and I have sort of developed a uniform for myself which I have kept for quite some time now. It’s easier that way. I spend less time thinking of what to wear. Give me a good leather, denim jacket or a blazer, a pair of jeans and a badass pair of boots, and I am ready to go.

The fashion scene in Malaysia is growing rapidly, day by day. What are your thoughts? And what is one local fashion brand you’ve had your eye on?

I think it is great. I am a huge supporter of the local scene. I think we have some really amazing talents in Malaysia and we should all do our part in supporting the industry. I’ve always been supporting our Malaysian labels but recently, I’ve had my eye set on Kit Woo. I was even fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to walk for the eponymous brand during the KL Fashion Week held in Pavilion KL last month.

Can you share with us a real special story related to one of your pieces of your collection?

All my shoes are custom-made. I am always one phone call away from ordering a new pair of the same black boots, so much so that my cordwainer or shoe maker already has my mould. My relationship with shoes is rather sacred.




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