Lacoste’s Spring-Summer 2017 hopes to redefine what it means to be comfortably sensual. Does that sound like a non-sequitur? Not if you consider their inspirations; plush terrycloth and images of a smoldering Brigitte Bardot from Contempt, courtesy of Nouvelle Vague pioneer, Jean-Luc Goddard. Lacoste creative director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, says he aimed to elevate the sultry fantasy of an endless summer. There’s hooded or shawl-collared bathrobes, along with faux-denim jackets and reversible terry Bermuda shorts, worn with easy-slip shoes. For on-court action, take your pick of chic-tracksuits and loose fleece sweatshirts with sleeves that vanish thanks to a simple set of studs. A reflection of the designer’s obsessions, these clothes are modular, reversible and adorned with clever zipped sides to allow a cool breeze to brush heated skin.

Fans will also be happily surprised to see the Lacoste animal mascot appearing on a new generation of tropical prints. The logo is also refreshed to feature an enlarged crocodile graffiti covered with childish scribbles, plus halftone flat tints ala Andy Warhol. There’s also adornments of free-spirited brushstrokes, like those Le Corbusier did for the fresco of the Swiss Pavilion of the Cite International Universitaire de Paris. Unapologetic in its simplicity and utterly free-spirited, this collection certainly lays the foundation for a new state of mind, one that centers around the notion of natural seduction.

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