The art of bespoke selections extends not just to suits and shoes or even timepieces, but also in customised jewellery for both men and women. Whether local or international, bespoke jewellery has become an obsession among men and women who want something specifically tailored to their desires. So we ventured into Cartier to see what their Set for You service was all about, and why it’s so popular today. Obviously, most gentlemen tread lightly around the world of jewellery, and needless to say, we were a little concerned and curious as to what makes a woman tick when it comes to a ring.

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What’s great about the experience is what you learn. The staff first explain what the process is, Cartier’s selection of gemstones and their quality and authenticity as well as the standards they abide by, and the selections available. With 14 different types of settings in platinum or yellow gold (the maison first made its name as a jeweller working wtih platinum, hence its affinity with the white precious metal), you can pick and select what makes the best sense for yourself.

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And the cost isn’t always inhibitive. A solitaire diamond starts at 0.18 carats, and ranges up to 2.99 carats. The Solitaire 1895 is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more classic styling, but why go for classic when you can try something more creative. Like the Ballerine, with an unusual setting in a dowel-style with diamonds or the d’Amour with a solitaire and surrounded with a halo of baguette-cuts (the architecturally inclined would definitely find this interesting).

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The cool design aesthete would find the C de Cartier or the Louis Cartier, using a tension-setting concept styled in the Cartier ‘C’ logo, or a wraparound setting, would be equally stylish for the epicurean man or woman, and then there’s of course the Destinée, the Art Deco styled setting with a halo of diamonds around the solitaire and on the flanges of the ring, that taper.

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With the multiple-gemstone rings, I’m assured that colour and clarity of the diamonds are specifically selected and matched so as to ensure a balanced sparkle, while you can even specify the colour of the solitaire and quality of the stone. Explore the Set for You today, whether for yourself or a beloved. After all, we all deserve a precious gift in the red box.

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