What exactly constitutes a genius? To Italian fashion brand Moncler, a genius is someone who is born “crazy”; crazy enough to dream big and crazy enough to strive for that dream with nothing but sheer passion and perseverance. And to Moncler, that genius is best personified by inspirational and multi-talented actor Will Smith.

BTS shot of Will Smith in Moncler’s “Genius is Born Crazy” campaign. (Credit: Moncler)

Coming in as the face for Moncler and its “Genius is Born Crazy” campaign, this will be the first fashion collaboration to Will Smith’s name throughout his illustrious career as a musician, producer and actor that got him to being a two-time Academy Award nominee and an Emmy Award winner.

Will Smith, the face of Moncler’s “Genius is Born Crazy” campaign. (Credit: Moncler)

Filmed and photographed by Tim Walker, the actor is clad in Moncler’s full-red parka with a clean white t-shirt and silver pants. A floating Will Smith is also seen throughout the campaign shots; the first of three messages that Moncler is pushing with its latest campaign — a genius is one who is daring enough to have dream the impossible.

It is absolutely fitting for the brand and its campaign’s message to be spearheaded by an individual who has consistently provided the world with inspirational life advice, ideas, and self-reflection. CEO and Chief Executive of Moncler, Remo Ruffini, is well and truly aware of that as well. Said during an interview, “It’s an honour to have Will Smith embracing our “crazy” idea to celebrate the genius hidden within everyone”.

Take a peek at the BTS footage of Moncler’s “Genius is Born Crazy” campaign video below.

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Moncler brings Will Smith on-board to its “Genius is Born Crazy” campaign
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