Bold, fearless, loud and fun, the upcoming MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection is not for the faint of heart. Jeremy Scott’s boisterous fashion sense has never gone unnoticed since he stepped up as Creative Director for Moschino in 2013. Next week, Scott’s designs will become just a tad more accessible to the public via H&M’s annual designer collaboration capsule, in which the pure essence of Scott is translated into every look, revealing his deep love for Moschino’s heritage, and the fierce pop energy he has brought to the brand.

Before the collection launch on November 8, exclusively at the Avenue K outlet and online, we list down the items we love (and might just skip work to queue up for) from the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection.



“I think fashion takes itself way too seriously. It’s just fashion, people. It’s just clothes. It should be frivolous and fun. You’re not meant to see it as church and pray to a blouse.”

Expect no chill from the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collaboration, as it is a capsule full of statement pieces that subvert ideas of cut and scale from tip to toe: the black leather biker jacket is punctured with braided gold chains, whereas black leather biker trousers are styled with hidden knee pockets.

Meanwhile, the hybrid jacket mixes a blazer with a hoodie, with zip-off lapels, a faux leopard hood, and a back covered in silver sequins with multi-colour front panels that will put Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat to shame.



“Music and fashion combined make such a lethal weapon in my opinion.”

Jeremy Scott’s playful signature take on streetwear pieces have become today’s essentials, with the padded bomber jacket printed with CDs, with a hood-slash-peak-cap that reads “Moschino”. The black hoodie is embroidered with multiple chunky gold chains, which goes well with the oversized stonewash jeans with an extreme high waist and long fly.



“I love MTV, and I love the VMAs. There’s no award show like it. It really is the coolest award show, hands down.”

While the iconic Moschino logo runs through the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collaboration, there’s also an extra twist in the creative direction of Scott. He brings a brand new combined logo for MTV and Moschino exclusively to the collaboration: M[tv]OSCHINO.

Capturing the pop culture movement, the logo is embroidered on organic cotton hoodies and T-shirts, not to mention, the waistband of the boxer briefs in the classic leopard and chain print, as the leopard-clash print hooded anorak with the “Moschino” logo ups the game.



“A lot of my collections are informed by nostalgia. I think that’s because I loved clothes early on. I remember, at maybe age five, being concerned about what I wore, right down to the underwear.”

For a designer collaboration with a super fan of the cartoons, Scott gives hip-hop energy to some of Disney’s most iconic characters that is exclusive for the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection.

Oversized patches with Mickey and his crew are embroidered onto the white organic cotton hoodie, while Mickey chills next to speakers on the black organic cotton MOSCHINO logo sweatshirt. Donald Duck takes over the deck on the football jersey, with his top highlighted in sequins, whereas the purple fine knit sweater shows Goofy’s face at the front and feet at the back of the jumper.



“One thing I have that the majority of other designers don’t is humour. That’s distinctly my approach, and it was distinctly Franco Moschino’s, too.”

If the abovementioned statement pieces have yet to peak in loud, fun fashion for you, maximise your look with the energised accessories that are sure to become total must-haves when the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection hits the stores on November 8, next Thursday.

The chunky black leather ankle boots have intense lacing flanked by a thick gold chain on each side of the tongue, while the pool slides with the M[tv]OSCHINO logo are for easy living. The peak cap is trimmed with gold charms with the “Moschino” emblazoned across it.

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