If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyewear is the curtain to these said windows — which means the more timeless, the better. Besides being a shield to our eyes and soul, there’s truly more to glasses than meets the eye (pun intended). 

While the primeval objective of sunglasses is to shield our corneas from the glaring sun and vision correction for spectacles, it has evolved over the decades into a must-have accessory and a fashion statement. The right pair enhances our facial features and adds that final touch to our everyday ensemble; some say it is the accessory that gives us the star quality. 

As the demand for swanky eyewear continues to skyrocket, more brands are pumping out new designs to satiate the needs of their customers. However, just as trends do, these designs become superannuated faster than we can imagine. To get more bang for your buck, we have collated four timeless eyewear styles that will never go out of style — so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking passé.

Here are the most timeless eyewear styles everyone needs

Round Sunglasses

If you’re a dauntless fashionista who enjoys transgressing antiquated fashion rules – round sunglasses are the ones for you. While rounded frames best complement square and heart-shaped faces, iconic figures Janis Joplin and John Lennon have proven that sometimes what seems incompatible could very well be complementary.

Earlier this year, Giorgio Armani Eyewear unveiled the Icon, a collection of rounded eyeglasses that nods to the 1930s and 1940s. They are crafted with a titanium frame, outlining an almost ethereal oval around the eyes. The design is the contemporary evolution of the first style created and worn by the designer himself, which has come to represent the brand’s values. 

Browline / Clubmaster

Defined by an angular wayfarer-like frame on the upper rim tapering down to a rimless bottom, the Browline, also known as Clubmaster, is the signature style of trailblazing artists and brilliant minds. As timeless and sophisticated as it is, this eloquent Ray-Ban iteration takes it to a new level with an intriguing new twist to make sure you’ll always stand out in a crowd. Inspired by daring intellectuals from the 50s, this Clubmaster sees fresh new coloured Havanas and trademark rivets jazzing up the bold-brow style. 


If the Wayfarer were a celebrity, it would be Beyonce; an international fan favourite, an icon since their debut. Thanks to its versatile silhouette and effortlessly chic design, the Wayfarer style has always been the number one choice for many. Regardless of your face shape, this style is sure to complement and enhance your features.

If you’re overwhelmed by the sundry selections in the oversaturated market, we suggest going back to the roots with Ray-Ban. As the original inventors of the Wayfarers, the pioneer of eyewear has incessantly elevated its styles to suit the ever-evolving trends and tastes of the masses without losing touch of its heritage.


The aviator, or “pilot’s glasses”, were designed in the 1930s to protect the eyes of pilots – hence the evocative name. With a myriad of practical benefits, other professions such as military personnel espoused the “elegant method of eye protection”, and replaced their bulky goggles. It soon redefined the heroic stance and became a global fashion phenomenon.

Public figures and celebrities were seen donning the iconic style from within movie screens to the red carpets. And I am sure your parents owned a pair as well. Its unparalleled heritage and uncanny kind of power have put this style at the forefront of all eyewear.

(Images: Luxottica)

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Amos Chin

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Timeless Eyewear Styles That Look Good On Everyone
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