THERE’S no way you can miss out on Pakho Chau. Not only has he established a firm fanbase in and outside of Hong Kong as a Cantopop singer with his studio albums 8 in 2013, and Keep Going in 2014; he is also well known in the film and television circuit in Hong Kong, starring alongside TVB heavyweights like Louis Koo and Michael Miu respectively, in the upcoming action thriller film Death Notify, and the prequel to the sought after 2014 TVB drama, Line Walker: The Prelude.

Having founded two streetwear fashion brands, XPX and CATXMan under his fashion moniker Punk Hippie, this month, the multi- talented superstar graces the pages of our fashion issue: a mash-up of joyful defiance and free-spirited grit, which embraces the heightened sense of colour, nature and emotion of the Coach fall 2019 collection.

We find out how the established Hong Kong superstar strives to stay on top in the fiercely competitive industries of entertainment and fashion.

Pakho Chau
Signature shearling plaid jacket and printed sweatshirt by Coach

You’re currently starring in Death Notify. What can you tell us about your role in it?

I just play the supporting role.

You have a wealth of experience in both TV and film productions. As an actor, what’s the biggest difference between the two?

The difference between dramas and movies is how you read the script and design the character according to the timeline. This is because a drama has over 1,000 scenes, but a movie has around 100 scenes. Due to factors like [filming] location’s availability and filming schedule, the scenes are not shot in sequence. Therefore, when you are designing a character, you must be very clear about the character’s emotion at every scene.

What’s the most challenging part of acting for you?

Everything about acting is challenging; because I started out as a singer, it takes time for me to digest and to figure things out when it comes to acting. But I really like taking on this challenge.

“I believe in doing my best in all my work. By being professional and dedicated, the audience will be able to decide for themselves.”
Pakho Chau

Is there a role you’ve haven’t done that you’re interested in exploring?

There are a lot! I’m interested to try all big villain roles (laughs).

Actors are typically defined by either their looks or their craft. In your experience, what does it take for an actor to persist beyond that?

I believe in doing my best in all my work. By being professional and dedicated, the audience will be able to decide for themselves.

Your music career began when you met Chan Kwong-Wing. What was it like working with him?

Chan Kwok Wing is very patient and he’s got a good temperament. I learned about musical knowledge, as well as the way one should act and treat others from him. These skills were not taught in school, and they were very useful for me when I entered this industry.

Pakho Chau
Shearling coat, tuxedo stripe pants and C175 low top in rumba by Coach

Did you ever doubt yourself?

I’ve never felt lost before; as long as I have set my mind to pursue something, I will devote myself and do my best at all times. I will have no regret if I’ve put in my best effort. I believe this is the reason why I’m able to love my job and perform better each time.

Do you think Asian actors should consent to playing stereotypical roles, even if the characters in question possess substance?

I feel that acting is just acting – the actor shouldn’t need to care that much.

Interestingly, we’re now witnessing a trend whereby Western actors are pushing for roles in Asian productions (eg. Matt Damon in The Great Wall). What are your thoughts about that?

The world should be harmonious. Moreover, China’s market is really huge – it’s always a good thing to have more cultural exchange.

“I’ve never felt lost before; as long as I have set my mind to pursue something, I will devote myself and do my best at all times.”
Pakho Chau

Do you have any future releases or projects lined up?

I was filming Line Walker 3 in August, and I’ll begin my new concert tour at the end of this year. I’ve been busy recording and producing my new album recently.

In 2008 and 2009, you released two photo albums – Here’s Where It All Began and This Is My Time Machine – for the Hong Kong Book Fair. Both appear to have personal history as a central theme. Why is that?

I really like photography. Because I’ve recorded everything that’s happened in my life with photography, I released these two photo albums to share my growth. Music is also another channel for me to keep a record and to express myself.

Tell us a little bit about PUNKHIPPIE and his fashion labels XPX and CATXMAN. Why did you decide to explore fashion?

I love fashion and trends, and my label is infused with my life values too. I hope to share my understanding of this world and my values using different perspectives through photography, music and fashion.

Pakho Chau
Shearling aviator jacket, gingam collar sweatshirt, tuxedo stripe pant and C175 low top in rumba by Coach

If you hadn’t gone into music or acting, what would you have seen yourself doing?

I would probably be a photographer or an entrepreneur. I enjoy doing business (laughs).

If you could visit a 12 year-old version of yourself, what advice would you give him?

Keep believing in yourself. Believe that your success is proportional to your effort and you can do it. I’d also tell him the winning lottery number cause it will definitely strike (laughs)!

Who would you love to have a basketball game with?

I enjoy playing basketball with my secondary schoolmates the most. It brings back a lot of memories and makes me feel youthful again. But the truth is, we actually look forward to having dinner after basketball more cause we always have a good time eating and chatting!


Cover Image: Pakho Chau in Coach

Styling: White Whale Boy | Styling Assistant: Angela Leung

Photography: Kimhoo So/East 18

Makeup: Winki Tsang

Hair: Sky Wong/M-Plus Salon

Words: Evigan Xiao | Intro: Celeste Goh & Anis Taufik


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Pakho Chau on getting to the top and staying there

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