Breaking News! Prada has recently released a handful of security footage from the austere confines of Prada Labs, where apparently, the brand has been breeding a mysterious new family of miniature creatures known as Pradamalia, right under the public’s nose!

Claimed to be one part biological, one part technological, all parts Prada, Prada’s latest venture is one of its tiniest, if measured by stature alone, and the seven creatures are cloned from recombinant Prada DNA that has proven to be so generative for over a century. Disco, Socks, Fiddle, Otto, Toto, Scuba and Spot were all raised in isolation, and each has a triangular Prada heart and a checkerboard patterned brain. Other Prada codes featured prominently in the Pradamalia morphology: metal studs, ombre tones, polished wood, printed lips, and the iconic Saffiano leather.

Fret not though, as the escaped creatures mean no harm to the general public; they were meant to bring cheer and merriment during the upcoming year end festivities – Prada just did not expect the cat out of the bag ahead of its time!

One can expect individual Pradamalia at all Prada stores around the world, and online, in the forms of keychain tricks in a range of sizes and materials. Each comes in a specialised package that offers extensive information on each individual’s unique anatomy, qualities, behaviours and a note on their origins.

Besides that, the Pradamalia creatures are also featured on the small leather range in colours of red, blue, yellow and pink, in all forms of essentiality as gifts for yourself or loved ones over the seasonal holiday.

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