Giorgio Armani brings out the summer through geometry. 

Giorgio Armani (photo taken by Lorenzo Bozzi)

Don’t be fooled by the slightly worn and distressed looks from Giorgio Armani as fabrics are treated exactly that way to bring out their truest form. Silk, which is utilised extensively throughout, is chosen for its sophistication and vibrancy. Besides the collection’s romantic palette, ranging from Pompeian red to sun-bleached light blue, the pattern is also given a contemporary geometrical makeover to be a little more exotic. The light, deconstructed silhouette is the result of a skilful redesign and re-tailoring process to bring out a clear, natural image. The graphic detail too now gives off vibes of the Caribbean. Highlights include jackets that are deconstructed to be light in order to create a clear, natural image, just like what you would associate the season with.  

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