Just a few years ago, men were still measured by how many pints they could swallow in a single session, how heavy they could bench at the gym or their efficiency in screwing together an Ikea chair. The modern gentlemen however needs more than brawn and bravado to make it in this world. It’s survival of the smoothest, and we’ve got a few options to introduce.


A – Androgyny

Outfit by Gucci

Sometimes peacocking can be a good thing. Think David Bowie, Prince, even Kanye in a leather skirt. Regain your boyish charm with formless materials for contrast against skinny jeans. Think Rick Owens instead of Boy George and you’re good. 


B- Bomber

Outfit by Dior Homme

WW2 pilots who flew bombing missions in unpressurized cabins and amid flak explosives relied on their flight jackets for more than warmth. With specific military roots, today’s bomber jackets are cut to allow maximum movement and unparalleled coolness.


C- Checkered

Outfit by Loewe

Checks are a classic male detail and the calling card of every working class hero. Lumberjack or tartan patterns are also a great way to jazz up neutral tones like khaki and denim.


D- Double-Breasted

Outfit by Bottega Veneta 

These jackets come with two parallel button columns and gorgeous peak lapels, making your chest look wider. Prohibition era gangsters wore theirs with looser shapes. The modern version is more fitted for that all important hourglass shape.


E – Embroidery

A decorative stitching technique, embroidered shirts are multi-purpose pieces you can pair with almost anything.  Taking many intensive man-hours to put together, really pimped-out shirts are easy to wear and still show you’re all about the details.


F – Fur

Outfit by Versace

Men buy most of the fur, just not for themselves i.e. wives, girlfriends, and miscellaneous others. With ethical concerns more important than ever, less is always more. Stick to gloves and collars, with the occasional jacket if inclement weather calls for it.


G – Grunge

Outfit by Gucci

Far from a 90’s look, weathered jeans, worn t-shirts and grubby sneakers are a curated look for the billionaire who’s got nothing to prove. Check out Nicholas Woodman (GoPro), Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook), and Bobby Murphy (Snapchat).


H – Herringbone

Generally defined as a variation of twill, herringbone fabrics have been around for thousands of years. Unlike basic charcoal suits, a herringbone sportcoat can be worn button down or with a tie and are most common in Fall collections.


I – Iridescent

Traditional men’s clothing is anything but exciting. Iridescent materials on the other hand offer guys a chance to wear cuts they’re familiar with, but with the eye-catching effect of light reflecting off your clothes, glimmering with every move you make.


J – Je Ne Sais Quoi

Outfit by Calvin Klein Platinum; Sunglasses by Dior Homme; Wallet by Thom Browne

It’s what we call the X-Factor; an intangible quality that makes you distinctly attractive. The best way to develop that certain something, is to act like you have it even if you don’t. Act cool and you’ll start to believe it. Act confident and the body language follows suit. You get our drift.


K – Knee Length

Outfit by Loewe

Granted, this piece takes a rare gentleman to pull off. Usually reserved for the grandest of fashionistas, I say if your balls are big enough, take a stab at it. You’ll automatically tell an entire room, “Sorry you look basic” just by turning up.


L – Layering

This is simply combining your clothes so that you can move well and be at ease no matter what occasion. Oh yes, and still look aesthetically pleasing to members of both sexes. Start with a neutral shirt and pants, then throw on a jacket and one brightly coloured scarf. Any more and you’re sending all the wrong messages possible.


M – Minimalist

Outfit by Bottega Veneta

There is solace in simplicity. A clever man can make a success of himself with black, white, gray and blue. There’s no need for fancy logos, showy socks or slogan tees. Streamline your wardrobe and life itself follows suit.


N- Nude

Outfit by Versace

Earthy tones are the most outrageous things. Sand-coloured sweaters, stone hued sweat shirts, oversized khaki pants. Instantly feeling like they’ve been broken in for years, you’ll never want to leave once you’ve arrived.


O – Outrageous

Outfit by Gucci

Those unaccustomed to the catwalk often ask why high fashion often promotes unwearable clothes. Some might say it’s about artistic impression and inspiration rather than practicality. It’s actually because designers would look absolutely boring if they showed off the clothes they really sell. 


P – Pattern

Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons as you sip tea and wonder if you shouldn’t be doing more with you life, floral print shirts are truly one of this year’s breakout products. Layered with a light jacket, you could go from wine of the French Riviera to a pale ale in a pub in no time at all.



Q – Quirky

With some unexpected accessories, a new haircut, jet black clothes and one sardonic eyebrow, you’ll have mastered this look to perfection. Men who dress quirky follow their own rules, no matter how outlandish.


R – Runway

This is another useless moniker, like ‘smart casual’. Still, runway fashion is about making a statement. So I suggest you begin by defining your most important message to the world. “I am a ____ who likes ____ but never with ____.”


S – Sartorial

Outfit by Prada Uomo

Did you know the longest muscle in your body is the sartorius muscle, or the ‘tailor’s muscle’? It runs from the outside of your hip, across the front of the thigh to attach inside the knee. In our context, it’s an adjective to describe fine tailoring and personal style.


T – Trench

Outfit by Prada Uomo

Humphrey Bogart in a trenchcoat, looking at Ingrid Bergman with those eyes. Has ever a male garment been more romanticized? Add to that the fact it’s not been altered or changed in over a 100 years. What a piece.


U – Urban

Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

Trendsetters of the street style genre owe more to attitude than the actual clothes themselves. Ringing truer than ever, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it that matters. So make sure your hips don’t lie, slap on some sunnies, and hit the downtown KL like you own it.


V – Vintage

You don’t want to look like a time traveller who’s just beamed to the future. Always mix your vintage pieces with modern touches. An old-school oxford shirt and selvedge jeans, or classic suspenders with tailored pants. Oh, and a bushy hipster beard can’t hurt.


W – Warp & Weft

Outfit by Prada Uomo

These are the threads that make up a loomed or woven fabric. Warp threads run along the length of the cloth, while weft threads run left to right. When choosing fabric for your next bespoke suit, pay close attention to how well the material is woven, because this is how much your suit will move with you.


X – Fendi X Tae Yang

Collaborative efforts are good fun, allowing designers a chance to work with a clean slate and co-promote their brands with other celebrities. The recent partnership between TaeYang (of Big Bang fame) and Fendi offered black shearling jackets and bomber with rubberized detailing. If that’s your thing.


Y – Youthful

Outfit by BlackBarrett 

This is more about looking energetic than it is about looking boyish. If baseball caps and college jackets aren’t your thing, then drop them. Instead go with colours, play with sneakers and ripped jeans. Add a satchel or backpack that says go-getter instead of college frat boy. It’s a fine line though.


Z – Zippers

Outfit by Yoshio Kubo

They’re easy to fasten but can bite if you’re careless. And all men love zippered jackets. We model them to ourselves, running the slider up and down relentlessly. And if it snags once, we trash it only to begin the process again. Zippers just bring out the best in us.

Directed & Edited by Alex Low
Photography by Andrew Loh
Art Direction by Joyce Lim
Grooming by Gavin Soh
Model: Killian/BASE Model Management
Location at Pampas Old Malaya, Jalan Raja Chulan

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