The Gaston Luga Spläsh backpack is perfect for those who are looking for functionality without having to sacrifice style.

The Swedish brand takes its inspiration from a traveller who had customised his backpack to combine functionality with a stylish exterior. Gaston Luga aims to, and has designed a backpack that bridges the gap between style and substance.

On top of that, the company also ensures that its backpacks are made cruelty-free, through the use of vegan leather, which gives the Gaston Luga backpack its refined and high-quality feel.

gaston luga Spläsh
The Gaston Luga Spläsh comes in six colour options

The brand’s hero backpack, the Spläsh, features a stylish roll-top design lets you tailor your space to suit your needs. This lets you increase the space and carry more things around with the use of its adjustable roll-top flap – that gives you up to four adjustable layers. And of course you would also be able to adjust your level of comfort using the backpack’s adjustable shoulder straps.

The durable Spläsh bag also has quick-access pockets, a secure laptop storage compartment. Plus the premium, easy to clean vegan leather is also resistant to rain and snow – should you ever travel in the winter time to countries with a cooler climate.

With six colour options to choose from, there will be one to suit your liking or match your outfits. The Spläsh is currently available in black, black-brown, olive-black, grey-black, white-black and mustard-yellow-black.

So whether you’re heading to the gym, or planning a short staycation, the Gaston Luga Spläsh is an ideal travel partner to have, that you can count on to carry your essentials and more in style.

gaston luga splash
Apart from travel, the Gaston Luga Spläsh backpack also suits those with an active lifestyle


The Gaston Luga Spläsh retails for RM449, and is available here.

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