From dressing up young artists like Aaliyah, Mark Ronson and Usher in the ‘90s, to featuring current music legends and personalities in the making like John Legend and Alicia Keys, Tommy Hilfiger has a longstanding affinity for music, which remains a never ending source of inspiration throughout his career, and has developed into a strong connection between his brand and the music industry.

This year, while Gigi Hadid heads the Fall 2017 TommyXGigicollection at the womenswear front for the brand’s third collaboration with the supermodel and global brand ambassador, American pop music/producer duo The Chainsmokers appear as the global brand ambassadors for the Tommy Hilfiger menswear for Fall 2017, which includes Hilfiger Edition, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored and Tommy Hilfiger sportswear.

The Grammy award-winning duo, consisting of members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, have been at the centre of modern pop culture with their music since their formation in 2012, with their Grammy hits ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer’, not to mention the accolades of the third most streamed artist in the world currently. The Chainsmokers’ modern and youthful personalities resonate that of today’s Tommy Guy: their talent, optimism, unique sound and effortless character have made them stand out in the music world, aligning with Tommy’s pioneering approach to fusing fashion and music is part of the menswear heritage.

To celebrate their ambassadorship, The Chainsmokers will perform at the Fall 2017 TOMMYNOW experiential fashion show at the iconic music venue The Roundhouse in London, U.K. on 19 September, when an additional 2,000 exclusively-designed green Tommy Hilfiger menswear bomber jackets inspired by The Chainsmokers will launch across markets in Europe and the US.

Besides that, the Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2017 menswear collection celebrates the ‘90s with a fresh twist on the traditional. Featuring the rebellious attitude that characterises the decade, plays of contrasting silhouettes, oversized proportions and athletic influences can be seen throughout the collection, alongside rock-and-roll style of stars, studs and statement fabrics for an edgy, relaxed and effortless coolness.

The Tommy Hilfiger menswear collections are available at Tommy Hilfiger stores globally, through selected wholesale partners, as well as online.

What was your initial reaction when Tommy Hilfiger approached you to be the brand ambassadors?
Drew: We couldn’t believe it! I mean, this is an iconic brand that has paved the way in collaborations with musicians, and now that it’s knocking on our door, how could we turn down the opportunity?
Alex: I’ve always related to Tommy Hilfiger as a brand because it encapsulates a really down to earth style. It’s so cool that you’ve been a fan of someone since you were a kid, and 20 years down the road, you’re working with them. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to take the ones you are given.

What are you most looking forward to about the ambassadorship?
Drew: Working with the man himself, of course! We have crazy respect for Tommy; he does his own thing and he sticks to his guns, no matter what other people say.
Alex: As musicians, we strive to break conventions, just like he does in the fashion industry. We have been to a number of Tommy Hilfiger events, and the brand always goes the distance to ensure that the brand and their events reflect Tommy’s philosophy in enjoying life and having a great time. We feel the same way about our performances, but what’s really crazy is that he does this every season, like clockwork!

What inspires you when you’re creating music?
Alex: Music is constantly evolving and even though we’re faithful to our sound, we also try and stay on top of things. We pull a lot of inspiration from our lives, which are always changing as well, which makes the process ever-growing.
Drew:  We’re also influenced by a lot of the stuff that we listen to, especially the music we enjoyed while growing up. Inspiration is fleeting though, and when it strikes you, you just have to be prepared to seize it the best you can.

Your gigs are renowned for being full-scale productions. What motivates you to do this?
Drew: There is no science behind making a cool record or putting on an awesome show. Everything we do comes from a place of passion and emotion that we want to share with our audience. We also love to challenge ourselves as it keeps things interesting and it’s important to us that people never know what to expect next.
Alex: Our gigs are about using innovative methods to bring them to life and make our fans feel how much we appreciate their support. The whole process of putting together our shows gives us the most incredible feeling. We are our own biggest critics at the end of the day.

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