IT’S 2019 and sandals are still everywhere, from the streets of town to your beach walks. Some love it, while some question who the hell brought them into relevancy. It’s definitely about damn time we figure out if they are here to stay in 2019. Today, you’ll get all your answers, plus a know-how on copping the sandals look.

Gucci‘s leather and mesh sandal from their SS19 collection

Features in the SS19 collection

Wrinkly feet and lame, outdated sandals (not forgetting pathetic excuses of having Hong Kong feet) are not why we’re here. The real deal is this group of luxury giants that draw the line between high fashion and coffeeshop commodity.

It’s hard to trace when they started appearing on the runway, but trendy sandals have definitely been in the scenes for a few seasons coming.

For SS19, we spot brands like Hermés, Loewe and Ermenegildo Zegna demonstrate their interpretations of the footwear — classic, colourful and the eccentric respectively. You want it, they got it.

Hermés‘ Takara Sandals from their SS19 collection
Loewe Sandal Toes from their SS19 collection
Ermenegildo Zegna‘s Leather Couture Fashion Show Sandals from their SS19 collection

They can look really good, on real people

We know — you think models look good in sandals because they are models. But true fashion isn’t just on the runway — take a seat at an outdoor cafe and people-watch while you have your Sunday brunch. Behooved in these trendy pieces, you’ll stand out from flocks of pedestrians.

You would never have figured that they can look so comfortable, yet be so in vogue.


How to pull it off

Sandals are all about looking effortless. In the spectrum that exists for footwear, sandals sit comfortably in between slippers and espadrilles, so it makes sense for them to be incorporated into a dressed-down outfit.

We love a casual weekender get-up — sandals work seamlessly with chino pants and shorts. Make sure to colour-coordinate, though. As a simple rule of thumb, your footwear should match your belts.

Hermés SS19 collection
Hermés SS19 collection

Um, how about socks with sandals?

Fendi‘s leather sandals from their SS19 collection

Sandals can look sophisticated if done right —  especially when tastefully paired with socks; the keyword here is ‘tastefully’.

Back in the ’80s, guys were given the thumbs-down for wearing sandals: “Pft, you’re so outdated”.

It’s almost ironic that in present day, the same pair of footwear gets all the hype once they turn branded.

Of course, the whole sock-and-sandal OTP has been as controversial as Terrence Howard’s 2017 Oscars outfit (unforgettable, truly; a bathrobe with lapels doesn’t make it a tuxedo jacket), but as always, the style-conscious man will triumph public opinion; you just need a piece of inspiration or two to rock this look.

If you’re a rookie trying out this trend, be sure to keep your outfits simple and wear mono-coloured socks to test the waters. Only when you’re feeling confident, try out more adventurous combinations.


Are sandals difficult to pull off? No.

But it isn’t just about the footwear, it’s the entire ensemble, as well as occasion (you can’t wear sandals to a black tie event. Not yet, anyway).

Mastering the art of rocking sandals will set you on a path to be the style conqueror once again- that is – the fashion gladiator that slays trend after trend.

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IMAGES: Respective brands.

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