It has been 10 years since the renowned fashion designer first collaborated with the Japanese casual/basic wear conglomerate on its UNIQLO Designers Invitation Project, and this season, it is high time the two get together again to work on UNIQLO’s beloved HEATTECH range, taking the concept of enjoying light and fashionable dress to new heights, by creating LifeWear as a more stylish wear.

The metaphorical visual of the Warmth Reimagined campaign depict the HEATTECH products in ice blocks, expressing the thought that HEATTECH transcends the cold, and is warm enough to melt away the ice it is encased in.

Projecting the campaign in a more literal sense are the new collections of HEATTECH and HEATTECH Extra Warm pieces, comprising of fashionable innerwear with the original functionality of HEATTECH, which wearers may opt to put on as outerwear or visible layers, keeping them warm, toasty and stylish in cold seasons.

The collaboration line includes a range of colours from Alexander Wang’s classic black, grey, white, nude and neon green, incorporating neo-futuristic elements and sporty stylings, with glossy rib materials reminiscent of the ‘80s fashion. The silhouettes are sharp and slim with V-shaped patterns on the surface, as the comfortable and bias weave fabric changes with the body movement.

Consists of six menswear items, HEATTECH underwear is inclusively available for the first time in the HEATTECH range, in which the waistbands of both briefs and boxers are adorned with the UNIQLO x Alexander Wang logo.

The UNIQLO x Alexander Wang HEATTECH range is now available in 20 countries and regions around the world, including all UNIQLO stores nationwide, as well as online.

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