We've found the Goldilocks of tote bags-am_il_v1001_i_84405d45791c42ab734706d9e8206e9461_a868046716451de4890989a7dd65e03f06

For a very long time, we’ve been hesitant of tote bags as a men’s accessory. Not because we’re overly macho but because the lifestyle magazines constantly referred to it as a ‘man-tote’. And it’s a personal opinion of AUGUSTMAN that if any object needs to be masculinised by putting a ‘man’-prefix on it, it’s not designed for us in the first place. 

We've found the Goldilocks of tote bags-am_il_v1001_i_1f17d043540c69ee891ec3f0ae966e8287_9d75b17ca42540e7121be65c53569ee582

Is this your tote bag?

Designers have changed their attitudes to tote bags, however, realising the men’s market potential for it and turned their attention to creating an ideal handheld tote bag for the modern guy. Here’s what we’ve come up with: 

1. It’s gotta have structure. 
Maybe women don’t mind a bag that flounces all over, but we find it a little irritating when we have to scramble all over the bag to find that one item. It should still look roughly like a bag when it’s empty, and when it’s full.

2. It needs internal compartments.
Not too many, but just enough that we can put in the small stuff that does go into our bags instead of it cluttering up the base. 

We've found the Goldilocks of tote bags-am_il_v1001_i_42808c1741e7b0828a060acd1b1ae2cd89_915bd3d5f15033b9a69ab2a8848aec9439

So we can fit the loose change, pen, phone, and what not

3. It can’t be too heavy. 
For all that we’re men and supposedly are fit and strong, we don’t actually want to carry anything too heavy over a long period of time. We just want to look like we are. So a light leather tote bag is what we really want, but it should look heavy and tough. 

4. The strap handle length, that’s gotta be just right. 
This is the decider. It can’t be too long that it looks like the shopping bags designed for women, but it can’t be too short that it looks weird. No, the balance must be correct. 

5. No fancy weird colours, please. 

We've found the Goldilocks of tote bags-am_il_v1001_i_b4b2108e4f553237bf79d8605c59fd1a89_c0ef0ede6e96e9b97ffc7fea97d70fc109

In suede or canvas, the Trooper looks good

Bally‘s Trooper series of tote bags make the 10/10 mark. It’s got bonuses as well: snap fasteners so you don’t have to open your bag all the way to get that iPad out, or bother with zips that never seem to pull open properly. The handle length is superb, and they’ve also got a short shoulder strap that sits just long enough for the body, not cross-body, that doesn’t look too ridiculously out of place. Inner compartments are available, and the Trooper comes in a range of materials from suede to full leather, so you can select pliability, shape structure and colour as you like. No matter what happens though, it still keeps its shape even when it’s not filled. Oh and canvas options are available as well. 

We've found the Goldilocks of tote bags-am_il_v1001_i_335044da21450a1507f604ae38c5270f89_27dae1750dcf0ce0a570c05f4e98af4d23

A canvas worthy option of the Trooper

Check out Bally’s Trooper bags at its ION Orchard store, as well as The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya boutiques

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