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1) Flash drive

You won’t think you need one of these handy tools until you need it. Just leave one in your work bag so you don’t get caught with your pants down when you have to transfer a file. These days, flash drives come in sizes upwards of 64 GB so you won’t need to worry about having to carry more than one.

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2) Business Card Case

Few things are less professional than a bent or dog-eared business card. Instead of keeping your cards in your wallet, get a sleek case that you can easily stow in your bag. It’s a classy touch that will make you appear more professional- always an important trait to display to potential clients.

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3) Umbrella

When you live in a tropical country with such temperamental weather like Singapore, an umbrella is a must. Try to find a dark coloured one (black, preferably) that fits in your bag. Snub anyone who tells you that carrying one is embarrassing. Besides, a gentleman always carries an umbrella to shelter his female companions, should the need arise.

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4) Portable Charger

What would we do without our smartphones? These days, our smartphones are so essential we would feel absolutely helpless without them. Apart from a means to communicate with others, it provides us with access to finances, entertainment and even information. Avoid running out of juice by keeping a fully-charged portable charger in your bag.

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5) Cologne

Our workdays are extremely long, and some of us even have to hurtle from location to location in a single afternoon. All the hustle and bustle is bound to result in perspiration, which in turn results in unwelcome odours. Keep a bottle of cologne in your bag and spritz some on yourself when you need to. Don’t overdo it though.

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