To be launched in July 5, 2021, Aesop’s Othertopias is a collection of three distinct Eau de Parfums created with long-term fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion.

Named Miraceti, Karst, and Erémia, these are fragrances defined by their juxtapositions, both real and imagined. As the trio are inspired from the boat, the shore and surprisingly, the wasteland – three liminal spaces that invite a dialogue with nature, challenge our perceptions and unlock reverie.

The Othertopias collection is designed for those seeking complex and unique aromas that know no gender boundaries.

Each Othertopias Eau de Parfum by Aesop are each packaged in a 50mL glass bottle and encased in an elegant carton featuring an artwork unique to each fragrance, designed by Belfast-based painter Jack Coulter.


aesop othertopias

Aesop’s Miraceti is an Eau de Parfum distinguished by earthy woody notes mingling with resin and spice.

Miraceti or ‘The Boat’ pays homage to the serenity and savagery of the sea, with its heady, swirling waves, oscillating horizon, and peaceful yet isolating emptiness.


aesop othertopias

Aesop’s Karst is an Eau de Parfum redolent of the seashore and Mediterranean flora, grounded in warm spice, dry woody notes and subtle smokiness.

With its subtle mineral notes, Karst or ‘The Shore’ signals a landscape sculpted by nature’s most skilled architect: water.


aesop othertopias

Aesop’s Erémia is an Eau de Parfum that contrasts waxy florals and earthy undertones with powdery musk and the scent of concrete after the rain—urbanity overtaken by the force of nature.

With notes of Galbanum, Iris and Yuzu, Erémia strikes bright, citrus tones with earthy roots. A world where the vegetal strength of moss and wildflowers coexists with wet concrete and the stagnating signs of civilisation.


The Aesop Othertopias range is available at Aesop signature stores, select department store counters and Lazada.


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